3 Tips: How to Improve Your Avvo Attorney Rating and Increase Your Search Engine Ranking

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If you’re a lawyer and you’re trying to figure out how to get more traffic online you probably understand that Google gets about 67% of the total search traffic on the internet. You may even be ranking on the first page…

SEO for lawyers is very competitive and even experienced online marketing and SEO agency like ourselves can be challenged when taking over the top spots that the larger legal directories can hold.

But what if you could actually benefit from the sites ranking above you and get value from them? (while you still work on taking them over, of course)


If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em…

Depending on your niche and your location, you’ll probably notice one (or more) of three directories that seem to be glued to the first spot of page one in Google’s search results. Instead of waiting to beat them, why not learn how you can take advantage of the traffic that they are getting?

Google Criminal Defense Attorney Search Example

These directories tend to rank well because they have so much relevant content in every location. And Google eats that up.

In this article you’re going to learn how to do that on one of those sites: Avvo.com

Why Focus on Avvo for SEO and Traffic?

When a page is ranking for Avvo.com in Google it almost always ends up being a search results page on their site. So, if you went to Google.com and searched for “Atlanta Bankruptcy Attorney” one of the  search results will actually be an Avvo search results page for “Bankruptcy / Debt” in Atlanta, GA. What you want to do is give yourself the best chance to show at the top of those results.

I know what you’re thinking – “you want me to do more SEO!?”

Sort of… But, ranking higher in Avvo is WAY easier than ranking in Google.

And the fact that you’re reading this puts you ahead of 95% of your competition…

1. Get a Sponsored Listing from Avvo

This is by far the easiest way to get yourself to the top of that search results page. You’re actually buying your way to the top for a set amount of impressions. Now, these are not “clicks”, these are how many times you show up in that specific search result.

These start at $99/mo for 300 impressions which means someone who comes to that page will just see your listing with their eyes and it’s up to them whether or not they click on it. Either way you pay for that impression.

Avvo Sponsored Listings - Bankruptcy Attorney Search Results

You want to do as much as you can to get that click. There are a couple ways to make sure that you get the click over your competitors that are also showing:

1. One is to write a compelling title. Don’t just make it “John Garcia – Family Attorney in Portland, OR”… That’s boring and will just blend in with the rest of the sponsored listings. Think about what sets you apart from all of the other guys… Are you a single father who was able to fight for equal custody of your children? Say “John Garcia – Single Dad Fighting for Single Dads!”. Add a call to action in there. Add your phone number.

You could use something like this:

“John Garcia – Single Dad Fighting for Single Dads! – Family Attorney in Portland, OR – Click Here or Call Me Now: 555-5555!”

2. The second is to increase your “Avvo Rating” and get more Client Reviews. Although, it is not as prominent in the sponsored listing as it is in Avvo’s “organic” results, it will still definitely be a factor when someone is choosing to click you over another listing.

We’ll go more into increasing you Avvo Rating below…

2. Increase Your “Avvo Rating”

Avvo Rating

Just like Google’s algorithm, a lot of different factors go into increasing your Avvo Rating. But it’s a lot more simple and intuitive than speculating what big G likes.

Full Resume (Profile)

Avvo Profile Completeness

Having your entire profile filled out as completely as you can helps a lot to increase your Avvo Rating and your ranking in relevant searches. Avvo makes this part incredibly easy. When you first log in to your Avvo account and it takes you to your dashboard it will actually tell you what percentage your profile is complete. It will also give you a suggestion on what to do next that you can click to go right on over to and fill out. If you just did this you would be WAY ahead of most of your competitors.

The “Practice Areas” Pie Chart

Practice Areas Pie Chart

This may be obvious, but I have to put this here. If you don’t have your niche or keyword here then you simply will not show up in Avvo’s internal search results for that keyword, period. I recommend adding all areas of law that you practice and filling this out (as with everything else) as honestly and as accurately as you can. Just be aware that the algorithm will see you as being stronger in the areas that have a higher percentage than the others. So, don’t go stuffing this with every single keyword. If you specialize in DUI case then make sure you add that to your Practice Areas pie chart. If you also do personal injury and/or traffic cases then add those as well… Just fill it out as best and honestly as you can. Don’t go in and stuff it with every single practice area available just because you think it will get you more traffic.

Peer Endorsements (and the “magic” number)

Peer Endorsements

This one is very often overlooked, but it is a huge ranking factor in Avvo’s algorithm and rating system. The way Avvo looks at it is who better to rate the other lawyers that they know? They make these endorsement really easy to get as well. All you have to do is log into your Avvo.com account and go to your Dashboard. On the lower left you’ll see “Peer Endorsements” with a clickable link below it saying “Request Peer Endorsements”. Click on that link and you’ll be taken to a new page where you can enter up to 50 emails of your peers. Avvo with send this request to the emails you enter. All they have to do is login to their Avvo account (or claim theirs if they don’t already have one) and give you their endorsement.

Request Peer Endorsements

Btw, we have insider information that the magic number to shoot for with endorsements is 12-14. After that it fails to impact your rating.

If you do these things you will notice Avvo.com referrals showing up in your analytics in no time.

A few extra factors:

  • License
    • Make sure that any current or past license is here.
  • Work Experience
    • Use this section to describe your work experience within the legal industry. This includes positions as a private practitioner, general counsel for a company, public defender, government attorney, or positions you’ve held for cities, states or counties. This is also the section to add any experience as a law professor, judge, judge pro tem, or any judicial clerkships you might have done.
  • Education
    • Any schools you went to or degrees that you finished. Include graduate and undergraduate degrees.
  • Awards
    • Any awards, certification, recognition or honors you have received from industry or consumer organizations.
  • Associations
    • Any industry-related organization that you are a part of or have been a part of. Especially if you held any leadership positions.
  • Publications
    • Ever written a book, wrote a law review or wrote for a legal journal? This is where that goes.
  • Speaking Engagement
    • Any speaking engagement having to do with law. Could be an industry-oriented organization, bar association meetings, lectures at law schools, CLE events, legal seminars, etc…

3. Don’t Forget About User Experience!

At Enlightened Marketing, although we market ourselves as SEO experts, we really see ourselves as “UEO” or “UXO” experts.

UEO stands for “User Experience Optimization”. I won’t go too much into it here, but basically what you’re doing with UEO is optimizing your site for the end-user. Making sure that it is easy for them to use and that they are able to get the information they are looking for or completing a task that you want them to complete.

You can learn more a little more about UEO here on this YouTube video.

UEO is increasingly becoming more and more important to Google’s algorithm, but you also get the added benefit of your site being more user-friendly and converting better!

We love that search is moving in this direction because it forces us to make the experience better for everyone involved… Potential clients are converting better and Google is sending their traffic more better and more relevant results. It’s a win-win-win!

We recommend you take this approach when you are working on any one of your web properties, including Avvo.

Here are a few points you should consider as far as UEO in Avvo.com

Your Picture

Make sure this is a clear and good quality headshot of you. Your potential clients want to see who they are working with. We don’t recommend using anything other than a nice, professional headshot. No funny business here…

Client Reviews

While not a factor in your ranking or rating on Avvo, client reviews are extremely important from a UEO perspective. We’ve heard straight from Avvo that “Usability studies have shown client reviews are the most important aspect of the profile when determining who to hire on our website”. When potential clients are looking for an attorney they want to see that other people have used them and have also had good experiences with them. Obviously, the higher your average star rating, the better… If yours is 4 or higher, you’re doing well.

Don’t get too upset if a negative review pops up in there. This can actually add credibility to your score in the users’ eyes. Also, if you receive a negative review you may be able to message support to challenge it.

Extra Bonus Information

This has nothing to do with Avvo, specifically, but it is something that will help you increase your ROI immensely. It’s one of THE first things that we do when we get a new client.

**Install A Facebook Custom Audience Pixel on Your Site**

Installing a Custom Audience Pixel from Facebook will allow you to promote ads on Facebook to the traffic that has visited your site and keep showing your brand over and over to them. That way, when it comes time for them to need you, you’re at the top of their mind.

Facebook marketing is one of our specialties and is still fairly cheap when compared to Google’s AdWords.

Just remember that all types of marketing take some sort of investment, whether it be time or money or both.

I hope that you enjoyed this post on using Avvo to your advantage to get more business for your law firm.

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Law Firm Marketing – More Leads, More Clients, More Cases…all in 5 Simple and Effective Pillars

Marketing For Lawyers

Are you looking to grow your law firm using online marketing, just not sure where to start or overwhelmed with everything to do?

If you said yes, then read on…

At Enlightened Marketing, LLC one of our areas of mastery is assisting attorneys and lawyers with building their brand, growing their business and profits, and leveraging their time.  We do this by getting their phone to ring with high quality, qualified leads, and getting them more cases and billable hours.  In the remainder of this article we are going to show you how we have done this and how you can do it too.

Because online marketing can be so complicated, about a year and a half ago we came up with what we call the 5 Pillars of Effective Online Marketing.  This has helped countless business owners and attorneys across the nation simplify their marketing and make it more effective.  In many cases this highly effective marketing method has produced life changing results.

Just like law, marketing is not a one-step-to-success process.  It the proper combination of doing the right things consistently over time.

We know and understand that you and most attorneys have probably been bombarded by people and companies who ‘claim’ to know marketing and SEO.  They make promises and talk big, but lack results, and unfortunately give the industry a bad name.  It is our intention in this post to make things right by providing you immense value and information you can apply to get real results now.

Below we will break down the 5 Pillars of Effective Online Marketing as it specifically relates to law firms, attorneys, and lawyers.

Pillar 1 – Keyword Research/Website/SEO

All marketing should begin with detailed keyword research.  If you are not doing keyword research or not doing it properly, you almost certainly throwing away advertising dollars, and are most likely not getting results online.  A keyword is simply a term your potential client is typing into Google to find a practice like yours.  For example, if you practice tax law in San Diego, your potential clients are typing in things like “San Diego Personal Injury Attorney” or “San Diego Personal Injury Lawyer”.  Google sees these as two different keywords, as it does plurals as you can see in (figure 1) below.

SIDE NOTE: The reason we speak of Google when we mention search engines is that because over 70% of all searches online happen on Google.  The second biggest search engine, YouTube, is owned by Google, so this is where you want to focus.

Google's Keyword Planner

(figure 1)

You can use Google’s Free Keyword Planner Here.

Also part of our first Pillar is your actual website.  Your website should be mobile optimized as more and more your potential clients will be finding you using their mobile phone or device.  You should have a clickable link to your phone number, meaning all someone has to do is touch or click on your contact number and it will automatically dial you.  The best converting websites have a picture of you, your family, your team, or other pictures of real people doing real things.  Even in a profession such as law…raw, real photos always out-convert professional photos.  Make sure to utilize client testimonials on your website, as social proof is one of the most important factors in marketing and buying decisions that exist.

The last part of Pillar 1 is SEO, which is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization.  This simply means how well your website, video, blog post, or other piece of content is optimized to rank in Google and the other search engines (notice we listed Google first).  SEO is a topic of it’s own, so if you want to learn more on that you can check out our post on Lawyer SEO Here.  We will tell you this brings in more clients, cases, and profits for our law firm client partners than all other marketing combined.

Pillar 2 – Local Search Marketing

Most attorney’s do business locally or regionally only.  It makes logical sense that if someone is charged with a DUI in Denver, they will be looking for a “Denver DUI Attorney”, not one in Seattle.

The first thing you will want to do is make sure your Google Maps listing is properly set up and optimized.  This is done through your Google+ Local page and is all encompassed in what is now called, Google My Business.  You can even have a Google approved local photographer come out and take pictures for Google Business View, which uses the Google Street view technology.  This will give your potential clients a virtual tour of your offices and also keep Google happy using their services.

The second thing you will want to do in Pillar 2 is claim, set up, and optimize your Local Search Directories.  Examples of these directories are Yelp, Manta, Foursquare, Bing Places for Business, Yahoo Local, CitySearch, Yellowpages, Superpages, and Insiderpages.  There are also attorney specific directories you have probably heard of such as Avvo.com and Martindale.com, which are a must in the lawyer marketing niche.  One great thing about these specific directories is that users can leave anonymous reviews, because in matters of tax law, drug and DUI law, bankruptcy, divorce/family law, and others, most people don’t want their name on a review.  There are literally over 250 local search directories and we usually set up and optimize at least 50 for our clients and client partners.  Start with the ones listed above and you will be ahead of a good portion of your competition.

Local directories are the new yellow pages and have been around since the beginning of the internet in the early/mid 80’s.  The best thing about these directories is that they can get you and your business on the first page of Google before your website.  You can even rank on the first page of Google with a local directory (aka a Citation) without a website.  This is because sites like Yelp or Avvo have a high Page Rank, which is a level of trust Google assigns a domain.  Another SEO benefit of these directories is that they link back to your website.  You may have heard the term backlinks before, and you want a lot of good, quality, relevant, authority backlinks.  A local listing on the BBB (Better Business Bureau) directory is an excellent backlink.

Pillar 3 – Social Media Sites

Social Media is one of the most overlooked parts of attorney marketing, but it is an integral part to an effective online marketing strategy.

For one, social media promotes brand awareness.  Do you have a lot of competitors in your niche, with more coming every year?  Exactly, which is why brand awareness is overlooked.  There is a reason companies like Coca Cola and other giants spend billions of dollars on making sure their brand is recognized.  In a similar way, when someone thinks about hiring or referring an attorney in your niche in your area, you want them to think of you.  This is done by constantly having your logo, pictures, name, and brand being seen all over social media sites.  The days of billboard and print advertising are quickly fading and being replaced by social media marketing.  It is more effective and less expensive.

There are many social media sites, but below we will cover the 3 we have seen to be most relevant to and effective for lawyers and  law firm marketing:

Facebook – With over 1.2 billion monthly users, that alone let’s you know you should be there.  You can reach anyone with your message, almost anywhere.  People are on Facebook in their vehicle, their home, their office, the park, and even in their bed.  Facebook has been very effective for our top attorney client partners and will continue to be.  We could write 5 or more articles of this length on Facebook alone, but for more free information on Facebook Marketing you can go here.  We will leave you with the fact that Facebook owns over 1500 data points on each of us including where we live, what books we like, what pages we like, where we shop, what cars we drive, our interest, our fears, and even what posts we like.  Do you think any of this would be useful targeting information for you?

Google+ – Google, being the 200 billion dollar giant it is, is not very happy they have not been able to take a bigger slice of the social media pie from Facebook, yet.  But with the information and search data they posses, they will find a way over time to take as big or bigger portion.  As you already have read, Google+ is not just a social media site, but also a part of Google Maps, and it is also part of YouTube, our next Pillar.  We have even seen Google+ posts ranking in the organic search results.  Very few attorneys post regularly, or at all on Google+…learn and understand it now, and blow away your competitors when it gets bigger.

LinkedIn – If your law firm works with people who are likely to be professionals, then you better be on LinkedIn.  In fact, it is the largest professional social media site in the world and is growing rapidly.  It is not only a great place to find clients and cases, but a great place to recruit your attorneys and network with other law firms and businesses.  A quick tip, make sure you get to the 500+ Connections designation (figure 2), if not for the network, but for the social proof alone.  Just like Facebook, you can have a personal profile and a business page.  Make sure all your employees, paralegals, attorneys, and partners all link back to this business page.

Jeremy Howie - LInkedIn

(figure 2)

Pillar 4 – Video Marketing

If you take one thing away from this entire article, it should be the prediction that by the end of 2016 over 60% of internet traffic will be video traffic.  And if there is one area of marketing to focus on it should be video marketing.

As mentioned earlier, YouTube is the second largest search engine on the internet, next to Google.  In fact, it is larger than Bing, Yahoo, Ask, and all the others combined.

There are many reasons to use YouTube Video Marketing.  For one it is a great way to utilize Attraction Marketing.  Not familiar with that term Attraction Marketing simply defined is providing value to your prospects and potential clients by answering their questions on the front end, and selling your services and consulting on the back end.  When faced with legal action, DUI, tax collections, bankruptcy, divorce, injury, or other unpleasant situations, people have questions and want answers.  Be the one who gives them these answers instead of being like your competitors telling them how awesome their firm is.  We all buy from those we know, like, and trust, so be that person to them and they will almost always hire you.

Of course you will want your video on the 1st page of Google for your keywords, so you will have to know something about SEO.  The great news is that videos are up to 52x easier to rank on the 1st page of Google than websites, blog posts, or other pieces of content.

If you’re not already convinced, prospects are up to 6x more likely to buy or make a purchasing decision coming from a video than other media.  When someone can hear your voice, see your face, and feel like they are talking about you, they feel like they already know you when you get them on the phone or sit with them in your office.  You have broken the ‘cold barrier’ between them and you, and you have done so in a leveraged manner.  The bonus is your prospects will also be educated prospects after watching your educational videos, which will also leverage your time and boost your conversions.

Do not fear the camera or think you have to be perfect to do videos.  Again, people want to know you are a real person, and this includes not being perfect.  A video shot with a camera phone can bring in real leads and clients.  Don’t know what to shoot videos on?  How about 3 FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions), 3 SAQs (Should Asked Questions), and 1 video with you talking about your firm, interviews with your employees, or a tour of your offices.  Videos are also the best way to get testimonials and edifications across to your target market.

Pillar 5 – Paid Advertising

Paid advertising is one of the quickest and most effective ways to secure leads and clients in attorney marketing or in almost any business model.  This Pillar is often ignored or overlooked, because it is not understood, or because it costs money.  As you well know where there are costs, there is value.

One of the best things about paid advertising is that on most platforms you can retarget your potential clients.  This means once they visit your website or capture page you can follow them around the internet with your ads wherever they go.  To them, they think, “Wow, this attorney is all over the place, they must be good…”  Retargeting brings the highest conversions you will get with any form of paid advertising.

Paid advertising should be split tested properly and when done so is scalable and trackable.

The following are our three favorite and most effective methods of paid advertising for attorneys:

  • Facebook PPC (Pay Per Click) – If you weren’t convinced above, Facebook Marketing is one of the most powerful forms of marketing that exists today.  Say you are a criminal defense attorney in New York.  Do you think it would help you to place an ad in the newsfeed of people likely to participate in criminal activities?  Remember you can very narrowly target people based on age, gender, zip code, activities, history, interests, music, and many other factors.  Put your information, videos, website, and ads where only your target market will see it and your CTRs (Click Through Rates) and conversions will go up while your CPC (Cost Per Click) will go down.
  • YouTube PPV (Pay Per View) – This is quickly approaching our number one form of paid advertising.  You know from Pillar 4 above that it is an extremely effective and important form of marketing.  The great bonus is that YouTube PPV is where Google PPC was 10 years ago.  We are getting .02 – .18 cent views on our attorneys videos and in one case produced 5 figures in profit for $3.82 ad spend.  How’s that for a ROI?
  • Google PPC – If you have done any paid advertising, it is probably top placement ads, or Google Pay Per Click Advertising.  Although many people don’t use the paid ads when they land on the Google SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages), some people do.  In fact, in the attorney niche around 15 – 20% of potential clients searching for your keywords will click on a Google ad versus the organic results.  The good thing is you can get to the top of the first page very quickly, as opposed to organic SEO.  The not so good thing is it will cost you a sizable investment per click.  Personal Injury attorneys can pay up to $150.00 per click, but in this and other niche attorney spaces, the lifetime value of a client far exceeds this cost.

3 Cent Clicks - Facebook Pay Per Click

.6 Cent Clicks - Facebook Pay Per Click

2 Cent Views - YouTube Pay Per View

Law Firm Marketing and Beyond the 5 Pillars…

Online Marketing is a constantly evolving and requires flexibility and adaptability.  The algorithms that control where you rank on Google, YouTube, and which fans see your posts on Facebook (called Edgerank) now change on a daily basis.  It is crucial you keep your fingers on the pulse of online marketing, especially in a niche as competitive as attorney marketing.

In most businesses and industries, if you use 3 or 4 of the Pillars properly you will completely blow away the competition.  In the attorney space you will have to do 4 or probably 5 of the Pillars very well to dominate your competition.

Law Firm Marketing - The 5-Pillars of Effective Online Marketing

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SEO for Lawyers – A Complete Guide for Attorneys

SEO for Lawyers - Enlightened Marketing, LLC

Is SEO for lawyers any different than doing SEO for anyone else on the internet?

The answer is “not really”.

Doing SEO for Plumbers or chiropractors is exactly the same as doing SEO for attorneys. Here at Enlightened Marketing, however, we are considered by some to be the #1 attorney marketing experts in the country and one thing we’ve noticed from client after client is that organic traffic is consistently one of their top sources of new clients, themselves.

Our clients, on average, get 55.5% of their total traffic from Organic Search results. That can mean anywhere from 25 to over 450 new visitors to your site every day.

Would and extra 450 people to your site per day benefit your practice, perhaps?

I’ll tell you something, if you have the right website design, you can turn even a measly 10 new visitors a day into a nice new client generation system. And here at Enlightened Marketing, we’re constantly testing, tweaking and finding the optimal site designs to get the most out of our client’s traffic.

You can find out more about what we offer our top client-partners here

On-Page SEO

There are two main categories of SEO – On-Page and Off-Page. When you’re dealing with factors that directly affect your firm’s website, you’re talking about “On-Page SEO”.

The main factors in your site’s On-Page SEO are traditionally Keyword Optimization (what your page/site is about) and Meta Data (sort of “hidden” data that users don’t generally see, but computers do). More recently, there are a couple of large factors in ranking. These are Page Speed (how fast your site loads) and Site Layout (the way your site looks).

Keyword Optimization

The whole point of a search engine like Google is to find the most relevant result for a user’s query. If a user is looking for a lawyer to help them with tax issues that they are having and they live in Madeuptown, Florida, they are likely to type in something along the lines of “tax attorney madeuptown”.

In regard to On-Page SEO the search engines determine how relevant a page is to a search query by the words on the page. So, if you write a blog about Cat Toys Google is not going to rank you for Tax Attorney related searches in the Madeuptown area. Your website/page needs to be about the specific topic that you would like to rank for.

In our “tax attorney madeuptown” example, you’d want to write about Taxes and Tax Law in Madeuptown (shocking, I know). You’d also specifically want to put the term “tax attorney in madeuptown” in a few choice places. I’ll show you why and where in later sections.

What Keywords to Choose

You probably have a good idea of what your potential clients are searching for. But, I still encourage you to do a little bit of research to make sure you’re going after the best terms possible and not looking over any that may be beneficial as well.

If you use the Free Google Tool that I’m about to show you, you’ll be ahead of 99% of the competition unless they’re using a professional SEO company.

Google’s Keyword Planner

The tool I’m talking about is Google’s Keyword Planner.

You can access the Keyword Planner here…

You’ll need to create a Google AdWords account if you’ve never logged in before. Don’t worry, you won’t have to pay for anything. We’re going to use this to get an idea of how many searches your term gets and see if we can get any new ideas.

The first thing I usually do is open up a plain text editor and start typing in the terms I know.

Let’s pretend for a second that we’re not an attorney, but a person who sharpens shears for barber shops. And let’s assume I live in Denver, CO. I’m thinking that my potential clients will be searching for “shears sharpener denver”. But, I also think they may say “scissors” instead of “shears” or “sharpening” instead of “sharpener” and they may put “denver” at the beginning instead of the end.

So, I’ll make a list of as many combinations as I can think of…

  • shears sharpener denver
  • shears sharpening denver
  • scissor sharpener denver
  • scissor sharpening denver
  • denver shears sharpener
  • denver shears sharpeing
  • denver scissors sharpener
  • denver scissors sharpening

Just write down anything you think your potential clients may be searching for when looking for someone with your services.

Side Note: Some people think that the difference between the terms above are so close that you could just use one of them and rank for all. And, for the most part, I think they’re right. Google’s algorithm is extremely smart and “knows” that all of these are basically the same thing. However, at the end of the day, it’s still an algorithm… It’s prone to tiny idiosyncrasies that may make a huge difference in your keyword research and your ranking. So, try to think of as much as you can at this first step.

Once you have your list together, it’s time to throw it into the Keyword Planner and see what we’re dealing with.

You should see something like this: Google's Keyword Planner Main Page

To find more ideas or see if we missed anything, we’ll click on “Search for new keyword and ad group ideas” Click on Search for new keyword and ad group ideas  

After you click on “Search for new keyword and ad group ideas” you will then take the list and enter it into the box that says “Your product or service”.

Then scroll down and click “Get Ideas”

PRO TIP: Spy on your competition and get ideas from them at the same time by grabbing the URL to their website and adding it into the box that says “Your landing page”

After you submit your list there will be two tabs. One that says “Ad group ideas” and another that says “Keyword ideas”. Click on the latter as you see in the image below.

Ad Group Ideas and Keyword Ideas in Google's Keyword Planner

This is where Google will show you a bunch of terms that it sees as related or similar to the phrases that you added to the list.

What you want to do now is go through the list and any new terms that look good, just add them to your list.

If you want to just add them as you look without having to write each one down, you can just click the arrows to the right of the terms.

Add Keywords to Your New List in Keyword Planner

After you’ve gone through the entire list and added them you can grab the entire list by clicking the clipboard on the right. This will open up a new box with your entire list ready to be copied and added to your text editor on your computer or wherever you want.

Copy New Keyword List to Clipboard in Google's Keyword Planner

You may have noticed as you went through the list that there a a few phrases that basically say the same thing, just moving words around. For the most part, Google will show the same results for these terms no matter how it’s said (like I said, the algorithm is pretty smart).

But… I like to use the version that gets the most traffic to give myself the best chances of ranking for that term since it will be the most valuable.

Side Note: You may notice your competitors ranking for some terms even though they are not optimized for that exact term. This has a lot to do with the competition in your area/niche and also a lot to do with what kind of mood the Google algorithm is in that day. There are also a bunch of other factors that go into rankings that we’ll talk more about later.

Let’s go over how to figure out which keyword will get you the most traffic.

Go back to the Keyword Planner and get that list ready that you just copied from the ideas that it gave you.

Now, instead of going to “Search new keyword and ad group ideas”, go to “Get search volume for a list of keywords or group them into ad groups”.

Get Search Volume for a List of Keywords or Group Them Into Ad Groups in Google's Keyword Planner

Grab the list with all of the ideas you collected previously and copy and paste them into this box. Then click “Get search volume”.

Once Google does its magic, click on the tab that says “Keyword ideas” like you did previously.

All you’re really looking for here is which term gets the highest amount of searches and focus on that term the most throughout your site.

I’m not going to go over how to assess your competition here because in most cases it’s not going to matter. Your competition is your competition. Unless you plan on going from Personal Injury to Government Affairs, or moving from Los Angeles to Billings, Montana, you’re pretty much stuck with who you’re going up against.

Which, if you do what I’m showing you, it won’t be much of a problem 😉

What you’re really looking for here is, do the searchers in your area tend to type the city modifier first or last? Are they searching for a “lawyer” or an “attorney”? This is a very simple step and once you find it out, you know what you you need to target mostly on your site.

Now, you will find that if you search for these terms, even though they’re different, they will usually come up with very similar results pages. Google “knows” that an attorney is the same thing as a lawyer and it knows whether you put the city first or last, you’re still looking for something in that city. You WILL rank for the different terms if you do this correctly, I just like to maximize my effort towards the most difficult ones.

This page is a work in progress. I am busy getting other attorneys ranking well in the searches. Add your email to the form below and you’ll be notified when it is updated.

Here is a list of the main topics of upcoming sections:

  • On-Page SEO
    • Keyword Density
    • Meta Data
    • Page Speed
    • Site Layout
  • Off-Page SEO
    • Citations and Branding
    • Social Signals
    • Backlinks
  • Para-Sites
    • What is a “Para-Site”?
    • YouTube
    • Press Releases
    • Yelp
    • Avvo
  • Extra Tips
    • Anticipatory SEO
    • Super Secret Stuff


This post post about SEO for Lawyers will be added to over time.

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Facebook Marketing and PPC (Pay Per Click) – The Most Powerful Form of Marketing That Exists?

Facebook PPC Meetup

Facebook Marketing and PPC (Pay Per Click) is arguably one of the most powerful forms of marketing that exist today.  It is highly probable almost all of your current and potential clients or customers are regular users of Facebook.

Consider these facts about Facebook:

  • There were more than 8 trillion messages sent in 2013
  • There are approximately 350 million photos uploaded every day
  • There are over 1.2 billion monthly users in the world
  • Over 95% of all people in the United States use Facebook



Facebook freedom Marketing Consultation

Setting up a Facebook Business Page

The first thing to do when it comes to marketing on Facebook is to create a business page.  Never use your personal profile to market your business.  Not only will you turn off your friend and family if you do this, Facebook discourages this also.

Types of Facebook Fan Pages

As you can see there are several types of pages to choose from.  Select the one that makes the most sense for you, your products and services, and your potential clients.

After creating your page make sure you go through the settings and customize them.  You will want to make sure your page has profanity filters set and make sure it is only being shown in places you do business.

Facebook Business Page Photo Selection and Sizing 

When selecting photos for your page cover photo and profile photo it is important to include your logo and also pictures of you, your family, and/or your team and customers.  We recommend you change your cover photo occasionally, creating customized covers for holidays or other occasions, but keep you profile photo consistent.

The following is some photo sizing parameters to follow:

Facebook Fan Page Photo Sizes

Posting Content |  What to Post and When to Post It

The most important thing to consider when posting content on your Facebook page is to use Attraction Marketing.  This means providing your target market value on the front end and selling your products and services on the back end.  We all buy from businesses we know, like, and trust….become that business to your potential clients.

You posts should include a mix of humor, entertainment, emotion, and industry relevant information.  Answer the questions you clients most often ask, and always provide more value than you think you should.  A great way to know if you are posting the right thing is to ask yourself, “Would I find this content valuable, funny, entertaining, or would it evoke emotion in me?”

Other things to consider when posting content on your Facebook Business Page:

  • Post when your fans are online ( you can find this and other useful information in your page insights)
  • Do not be afraid to delete spam or negative comments, you have worked hard to build your business and your brand
  • Like and reply to all guest comments, people want to be acknowledged
  • Keep your posts short and use a lot of images and photos
  • Never SPAM
  • Use the Law of Reciprocity to your advantage.  Go out and like other pages, leave comments, like posts, and share posts.

Tip:  Leverage your time by scheduling your posts ahead of time.  No business owner has time to post on Facebook all day, everyday.

Click Here for a video on how to schedule posts

Facebook Fans Insights

Most of Your Fans Do Not See Your Posts Unless…

Just like Google, YouTube, and other Social Media platforms, Facebook has an algorithm to decide who will see your posts.  Their system of ranking, or algorithm, is called Edgerank.

Did you know only 10 – 16% of the people who have liked you page will ever see any given post?

Most people assume that all of their fans will see all of their posts, which is simply not true.

The most important factor in Facebook/Edgerank deciding how many people will see your posts is how much engagement you get (likes, comments, shares).  You get engagement by posting consistent, quality content.

The easiest and ever increasingly most important way to affect Edgerank is to pay Facebook.  Now that Facebook is publicly traded, paid advertising is how Facebook must bring in revenue, and that’s exactly what they are requiring.

Facebook PPC (Pay Per Click)

The reason Facebook is such a powerful form of paid advertising is that they own so much information about your clients (and you).  They know what books you like, where you shop, what posts you comment on, what pages you like, and even track where you go by means of your mobile phone.  Although this can be a scary thing to realize, you can use it to your advantage to put your information, videos, products and services in your prospects newsfeeds.

Before you begin creating ads you will have to set up your ads manager and connect a funding source which can be a Paypal account or credit card.  If you hire someone to do your advertising you can make them a manager of your page in your page settings.

We categorize Facebook ads into 3 types:

  1. Like Ads
  2. Engagement Ads
  3. Sales Ads

With Like Ads you can build your page with targeted potential buyers.  Never, ever buy likes from outside sources, where automated programs are used that can get your account banned.  Plus likes purchase outside of Facebook will later find you spending money targeting people/accounts who have no intent on buying what you have to offer.

Facebook Likes

Engagement Ads, as the name implies, are adds to get you posts in from of more fans and increase engagement.  One of the easiest ways to do this is to Boost Posts.

Boost a post right now, go ahead, try it… do a $5 Boost a post people have liked on your page, you will be happy with the results.

Boost A Post With Facebook Engagement Ads

A boost is good for targeting fans and friends of fans, but you can also go into your ads manager and create Post Page Engagement ads and get very specific in your targeting.

Sales Ads should be done after you build a significant following and boosted engagement on you page.  We don’t recommend doing sales ads until you have at least 500 likes.

When you run a sales ad your post is an advertisement with a money link in the post.  This means there is a URL to a capture page, buy page, or website.

Cutting Edge Marketing

One of the reasons Facebook marketing is so powerful is the ability to use Facebook’s conversion tracking pixels.  This topic alone would take another 10 posts to cover, but these pixels track and collect data of the people who click on the URLs you send them too.

A pixel is a piece of code placed on a website or capture page that gives you the ability to follow people that land on your website around with Facebook ads.

If you have ever visited a website looking for a product and then mysteriously seen the product in an ad on your Facebook page, you were targeted with a conversion pixel.  These pixels are so smart that they can go out and find people most similar to people who have already purchased your products and services, and get you sales on autopilot.

Facebook will now also create custom audiences based on email lists you import or by type of people who hit your pixels.  These audiences are hundreds or thousands of times bigger than your original list.


Facebook freedom Marketing Consultation

Moving Forward…

Although we don’t think Facebook will keep it’s majority slice of the social media pie forever, it will remain a player in the online advertising arena for a long time to come.  This is due to the massive amount of data they own about you and I, and the ability to sell that data to other platforms if they choose.

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Jeremy Howie Facebook PPC Training Enlightened Marketing, LLC

Post Author – Jeremy Howie (Enlightened Marketing, LLC Co-Founder)

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The Benefits of Email Marketing and List Building for Your Business

The Benefits of Email Marketing and List Building for Your Business

While many of you may be active in the world of online marketing, there is another aspect that you should be utilizing to increase business and your presence online: list building and email marketing. Throughout this blog post, we will cover why email marketing can be your number one asset to building a community around your company.

Like we have discussed many times before, it is imperative to build trust and establish a relationship with your audience, as people typically only purchase from businesses they feel they can trust. Email marketing is a great way to build your client base and establish a sense of community around your brand and business


Email lists can build your business for several reasons. First, when people opt-in and give you their email, it is a huge sign of trust. These days, people are on their email 24/7, and giving you their personal email address shows that they are interested in what you have to say

Additionally, email marketing will increase the chances that people see your content. Think about it, how often do you visit a company’s website? Daily? Weekly? Probably not as often as you check your email. Email marketing is an excellent way to notify your audience with company updates, news, or even discounts and deals you may be offering. It is much easier to ignore something a company posts on Facebook or Twitter for example, than a new item in your email inbox.

Email Inbox

Furthermore, email marketing is a direct form of communication. Rather than sharing something on a social media site or to your company website, email marketing takes a direct, more personalized approach to reaching your audience, which appeals to many people.

Ultimately, email marketing is a cheap, fast way to reach your audience while building traffic to your website and increase your client base.

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Marketing Your New Company By Writing A Press Release

Write a Press Release to Promote Your New Company Online

When working to enhance your company’s presence online, it is integral that you stay ahead of competition and one key way to do so with today’s technology is through the use of press releases.

While many people have heard of press releases, there is often much confusion on what exactly one entails. Ultimately, a press release is a written form of communication, directed at a desired audience, announcing something substantially newsworthy.

In today’s day and age, press releases have become one of the most important tools to successfully promote your business. Whether your company is large, small, or a start-up, press releases have become increasingly effective, specifically due to the power of social media marketing. With over 80 million people turning to the Internet as their source of news every day, publishing press releases online provides an unmatched forum for people to read about your business.

 Internet Traffic

Below are some of the key reasons why press releases can be so beneficial to your business:

  • Announce a new product or service: can keep customers up-to-date on new products or services offered, as well as any potential deals or discounts that may be going on
  • Improving brand image and company’s visibility: publishing press releases is a great way to create and maintain a reputable brand image and ensure that your audience knows who you are
  • Instant viral distribution: with the use of the Internet, press releases can be distributed immediately and to millions of people, through both email and social media sites
  • Expand public knowledge about your business or services offered: informative, newsworthy press releases will keep your audience informed about your business, what it is you do, and the industry in general
  • Establish you as industry expert: this will help forge a relationship with your audience and establish a level of trust necessary for most people to purchase from and do business with you
  • Acquire new customers: press releases are a great way to get your company name out their to potential customers, however they should be newsworthy, rather than one giant advertisement
  • Keep investors updated on news of your company: since press releases are newsworthy documents, they often highlight a company’s successes, awards won, or advancements with technology, all of which can help attract and keep investors interested

Ultimately, press releases are a great opportunity for your company to keep customers and investors up-to-date on your business, attract new customers, market your brand, and enhance your SEO. If you aren’t already, try to distribute at least one press release a month. This will significantly add to your company’s online marketing strategy!

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Use Business Testimonials to Improve Your Credibility

Deborah's Testimonial

When building your business online, it is essential that you find a way to create some kind of connection with your audience. Like I am sure you have heard before, it is imperative to instill a sense of trust amongst potential customers, since people typically only do business with companies they feel they can rely on.

For those of you who are not as familiar, testimonials can be either written or recorded statements from current or past clients that support your businesses’ credibility. Customer testimonials speak to your company’s level of expertise and emphasize the positive, exceptional products or services your business can provide. Not only do testimonials help attract a greater interest from prospective clients, but they will ultimately make your business more successful, and the Internet is the perfect forum to do so.

Word of Mouth

Think back to the last time you purchased something online… How did you decide which product to go with? If you’re like me, you probably referred to customer reviews and testimonials. And why is it that we do such a thing? Because we trust other consumers like ourselves. We trust this kind of organic word of mouth because they are not coming from the company itself. Customer reviews and testimonials are genuine, candid beliefs about a company, product, or service that people typically feel they can rely on.

So whether it is a simple quote or blurb from a past customer, or a short video testimonial from your most loyal customer, testimonials and reviews are the best way to instill trust amongst your audience. In today’s day and age, simply claiming to be the best, most reliable, most successful company in your field is not enough. People need to hear it from other customers such as themselves in order to truly believe in what they are being sold.

Social Media

And where should you place these testimonials once you have them? Social media sites are ideal places to promote such reviews. Below are some opportune places to put testimonials:

You should make full use of every one of your social media channels to spread customer testimonials, especially YouTube if it is a video. Remember, in today’s world, the success of businesses heavily depends on positive word of mouth!

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A Mobile Compatible Website For Your Business Is No Longer Optional

Mobile Compatible Site

With the way technology has taken over our world today, simply having a website for your business is no longer sufficient. . Throughout this blog post, we will discuss the main reasons that you need to provide consumers with websites that are optimized for mobile devices.

While having a website gives you the potential to reach a growing online audience, it is simply not good enough, as today, people are straying away from computers and turning to smartphones and tablets to surf the web. The most popular devices used are Android devices, Apple iPhones and iPads, and even BlackBerry devices. And how many people are really using their mobile devices to search the web?

Actual Enlightened Marketing Client Data

Mobile Optimized Site Traffic

Below are some shocking statistics about mobile use:

  • Mobile traffic currently makes up 15% of global Internet traffic
  • 72% of tablet owners make purchases from their devices on a weekly basis
  • Purchases made on mobile devices amounted to $6.7 billion in the U.S. last year and are expected to nearly double by this year
  • By 2015, U.S. mobile sales are expected to reach $31 billion
  • For online-only retailers, a mobile site can increase consumer engagement by as much as 85%
  • Website visitors are 51% more likely to do business with an online retailer with a mobile site

Because there are so many people using mobile devices to browse the internet and make purchases, ensuring that your website is mobile-optimized will benefit your business in the following ways.

Fill out the form below to request a Mobile Compatibility Audit On Your Site

[contact-form-7 404 "Not Found"]

First and foremost, it will improve user experience. Have you ever had a friend text you a link and when you try to open it on your phone, it is unsuccessful? With a mobile-optimized site, inconveniences like this can be avoided, as well as the frustration it instills amongst consumers. Furthermore, it will increase the number of people to view your website, as well as the average time spent on that site. Because you only have a limited window to capture a consumer’s interest, why not capitalize on that amount of time? By providing a well-working mobile website that is easy to navigate, the user will be much more likely to stick around and look at what your business has to offer.

Based on the previous information, it is safe to say that a successfully mobile-optimized site will ultimately lead to more mobile purchases, a fact that needs little explanation. Because if your site is just as user-friendly on a smartphone or tablet device as a computer, the chances of purchase severely increase.

Last but not least, a mobile-friendly website will give you competitive advantage over your competition. Since only 35% of businesses currently have mobile-optimized sites as of now, making this your top priority will ensure that you stay ahead of competition and present you the opportunity to reach an audience that your competitor is only dreaming about.

Fill out the form below to request a Mobile Compatibility Audit On Your Site

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Enjoy Everything that NoCo Has To Offer!

Welcome to Colorful Colorado

Well, now that spring has officially “sprung” and the weather has warmed, today we are going to take a break from online marketing and in this blog, and will highlight some of our favorite activities Northern Colorado has to offer in the springtime.

Fort Collins Microbrewry

To begin, we of course have to talk beer, since Fort Collins produces over 70 percent of Colorado’s craft beer and has the most number of microbreweries per capita in the state.

Among some of the most renowned breweries are:

And since Fort Collins is such a bike friendly town, why not take advantage of a gorgeous day and hop on your bike and pedal on down to the breweries to enjoy a brewery tour or two…

Beer and Bike Tour

Another way to capitalize on the amazing springtime weather while still enjoying a nice cold pint is going on a Beer & Bike Tour. This creative business idea allows you to create “adventures on tap”, as you pedal your way around town with a group of friends on a “beer bike” that features a different local craft brewery daily.

William Oliver's Publick House

Now, if beer isn’t your cup of tea and whiskey is more up your alley, William Oliver’s Publick House is where you should be! It is a recently opened whiskey bar in Fort Collins, as well as the town’s best-kept secret. William Oliver’s features over 250 whiskeys from all over the world – Canadian, American, Colorado, Australia, English, French, Indian, Irish, Japanese, Scotch, and Welsh. It is safe to say there is something for everyone, and this quaint, local whiskey bar is a perfect place to relax and enjoy a drink or some company.

Horsetooth Rock

Now that we’ve sufficiently covered Fort Collin’s best drinking spots, let’s take a look at some of the more scenic offerings Northern Colorado has for you to enjoy in the springtime. First and foremost, making the trek up to Horsetooth Rock is a must! This is Fort Collins’ signature destination and not only is it a great hike, but also one of the most beautiful views, which serves as a backdrop for many photo-ops. Also neighboring the trail… Horsetooth Reservoir, the perfect place for boating, camping, fishing, swimming, and enjoying the sunny weather.

Rocky Mountain National Park

Another breathtaking spot housed in Northern Colorado is Tom Merkey’s (Enlightened Marketing, LLC’s co-founder) favorite place to be: Rocky Mountain National Park. If you have yet to visit this magnificent landmark, you are surely missing out. The park has been home to humans and animals alike for over ten thousand years and continues to emulate those that have graced the land with their presence. Lucky for us, Rocky Mountain National Park is an ideal spot for picnicking, hiking, biking, fishing, horseback riding, bicycling (Tom’s activity of choice), beautiful scenery, as well as the place of choice for many unforgettable weddings.

Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado

Lastly, springtime in Northern Colorado would not be complete without a trip to Estes Park or a stroll around Old Town Fort Collins. In Estes Park, as the town continues to rebuild after the tragic flooding, you can experience a haunted tour at the renowned Stanley Hotel, visit the spa, a wellness center, bike, fish, horseback ride, hike, boat, kayak, and even go whitewater rafting. In Old Town on the other hand, there are a wide variety of shops, phenomenal restaurants, and bars that help frame the town’s appeal.

No matter what types of activities appeal to you most, Northern Colorado has ample amounts to offer! We hope that you received great value from this blog and thoroughly enjoy this beautiful state this year!

We hope that you received great value from this blog. If you’d like to learn more about how to use social media and the Internet to promote your business, please attend our free training sessions at C.B. & Potts at Collindale in Fort Collins on the second Tuesday of every month. We hope to see you there!

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The Pros and Cons of Twitter for Local Business

Twitter for Business

When you first think of Twitter, what comes to mind? Typically, people view Twitter as a forum where others blurt out useless thoughts or pretty much anything that comes to mind. And while this may be true for some, using Twitter for your local business is a very powerful took that should be a large part of your business’ social media marketing. Throughout this blog post, we will describe how Twitter can be used most efficiently to benefit your business.

We will begin with some basic information about Twitter for those of you who are unaware. Essentially, Twitter is a social media site that allows you to send messages, or tweets, up to 140 characters long to those who follow you. These tweets can include a link to any website, an image, and even a video. To break Twitter down in the most simplest terms:

–       A tweet is like a short Facebook status update, however it shows up in every follower’s feed, unlike Facebook because of EdgeRank’s filter.

–       A tweet is also like a short LinkedIn status update, the only difference being you can follow anyone on Twitter, and on linked in, you need both parties to accept the connection.

–       A tweet is also similar to a short Google+ status update.

–       Sharing images on Twitter is similar to sharing images on Pinterest, however it is much easier to have a conversation around an image on Twitter compared to Pinterest’s comment feature.

Twitter Icon

Now that you understand the fundamentals of what Twitter is, lets dive into how you should use it. First and foremost, your small business’ Twitter account and profile are the building blocks of your presence on Twitter, so it is crucial that these two aspects are fully and correctly setup. Keep in mind that your presence on Twitter should have a similar look and feel to your other online sites. This will help people recognize and identify with your business, and that sense of consistency will further that connection and trust with your audience.

When choosing an account name, be sure it is consistent with your Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and YouTube names. This will ensure that people can find you on all forums, however if the same exact name is not available, try to pick something as close as possible. Similarly, your Twitter profile picture should be consistent with your other profile pictures as well. Whether it is your company logo or a headshot or a picture of your team, make sure it is something identifiable to your audience, as it will show up next to every one of your tweets. In addition to a profile picture, your Twitter profile will ask for a large background photo. This image will appear at the top of your profile page, similar to a Facebook cover photo. This picture should be relevant to your business, and provides you the opportunity to tell a story about what kind of company you really are.

Once you have selected an account name and profile pictures, it is time to update all of the information on your Twitter profile, similar to what you have probably done on Facebook. Make sure you state your location; people need to know where they can find you when they are ready to do business with you. Additionally, share a link to your website! This is crucial because not only can it be used for SEO (Search Engine Optimization), but it also acts a backlink to your website and provides further information for your audience about your business. Another key aspect when setting up your profile is your bio. Because you only get 160 characters to tell people who you are and what you do, it is essential that you share as much relevant, pertinent information as possible. Be sure to discuss the benefits that your customers will receive, and if you can, being witty and adding in a little personality will help engage your audience.

When your profile is all setup and the proper information is all filled out, it is time to start following others. And who should you follow you ask? Follow your customers, business partners, employees, and other professional organizations in your industry, even your competition. Follow other businesses in your area and anyone else in your professional network.

What to Tweet

Now, what should you tweet? Unfortunately, there is not one correct, magic bullet answer for this question. It will take some time to figure out what engages your audience the most, however there are some general rules you can follow. While every business and industry is different, the goal is to find that happy medium between what your target audience is interested in and things that are solely relevant to your business. The best way to find this balance is to focus on how your company – your products and services – can benefit your customers. Don’t be afraid to give away free information to your followers. While many believe that this will discourage them from doing business with you, it is just the opposite. Supplying your audience with useful information will make them view you as an expert, and help build trust and a connection to your company. Furthermore, include images in your tweets! People love to look at pictures, so whenever possible, include a photo that compliments your tweet. This is just another way to engage your audience and catch your follower’s attention. Another great way to expand your Twitter audience is to use Hashtags! Hashtags appear in tweets and a one major way that people identify the main topic that the tweet is about. Hashtags are identified using the pound symbol on the keyboard, for example:


You can hashtag just about anything, however be sure that it is appropriate and relevant to your business, industry, or topic of your tweet.

Ultimately, Twitter and business marketing go hand-in-hand, just like many other forms of Social Media. With over 200 million active users, Twitter allows you to reach an enormous audience in a way that no other site does.

We hope that you received great value from this blog. If you’d like to learn more about how to use social media and the Internet to promote your business, please attend our free training sessions at C.B. & Potts at Collindale in Fort Collins on the second Tuesday of every month. We hope to see you there!

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