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Using Pinterest to Boost Your Company’s Visibility Online

In order to be successful as a small-medium size business in today’s world, it is imperative that you remain up to date with technological and social media developments. While knowing about various social media outlets is important, the key is to know how to maximize your business’ presence on each and every site.

When building your business’ Pinterest, it is crucial to utilize the “boards” in a variety of ways. First, understand that Pinterest is essentially a portfolio for your business. Whether you’re a travel agency, a photographer, or a hairstylist, Pinterest allows you to put your best work on display and connect with your audience in a way that other outlets do not. When putting your boards together, think about creating an “Employees” board, or a “Meet the Team”. Here, you could pin pictures of your employees with mini bios in the description. This ultimately allows people to see who they could potentially be working with and the values of that company. Remember, people will be purchasing a product or service from you, and they will only do so if they feel some kind of connection to you. Introducing yourself and your team will help facilitate such a connection.

Additionally, since Pinterest is a very visual forum, it is important to “pin” things that are visually appealing and will catch people’s eye. For example, as a hairstylist, you can create boards for a wide range of categories, such as, “Cuts”, “Colors”, “Hair-Dos”, “Beauty Tips”, “My Favorite Products”, and even “Sales and Specials”. Highlighting sales or specials on Pinterest thought pictures and graphics is a wonderful way to draw attention to your business. Also, since so many people use Pinterest when searching for fashion and beauty ideas, this is the perfect setting to show your audience all that you have accomplished and the kind of work you do. In addition to posting pictures, pinning beauty tips and some of your favorite products to use on hair will help people view you as an expert in your field. Often times, people are hesitant to purchase from companies or people they do not know, so Pinterest provides the opportunity for your audience to “see you in action”. Be sure to include descriptions/explanations on each pin, as well as a link back to your website. Including a link to your main website is essential to maximizing your business’s presence online and generating more traffic to your website. Millions of people browse Pinterest every day, and just think of all the additional sets of eyes that will potentially see your website because of this! In the same respect, it would be very beneficial to have “Pin It” buttons on your website directly. This gives people a way to share your content on Pinterest directly from your site. This little red, “Pin It” button stands out, and by placing it next to articles, blog posts, videos, and pictures on your website, the number of people who will see your content is once again increased.

Building off of this concept, it is imperative when using Pinterest that you link it to other social media sites you are active on. The great thing about Pinterest is that you can link it directly to your Facebook. Within your settings, you can opt in to have Pinterest post your pins to Facebook. Not only will this tie these two sites together, but it will also expose your pins and your content to a much greater audience.


Another way you can make the most Pinterest is by really working on expanding your network. If someone follows you, follow them back. This is crucial in creating relationships between you and your audience. By simply following them back, you can make your followers truly believe that you care about their activity as much as they care about yours. And furthermore, “liking” and even “reposting” customers’ and followers’ pins will enhance that relationship and connection. You can also browse your audience’s boards to see what they are pinning and get a feel for what your target market is interested in. This can help you direct some of your pins accordingly and ensure that your followers will respond well to them. For instance, if you own a travel agency, you could look at what kinds of places your followers are pinning and really see where your audience wants to go. This kind of information is invaluable because it can help you tailor your business specifically to what your market wants.

In the same respect, Pinterest can be an excellent way to build a referral network. For example, as a wedding photographer, you could pin floral arrangements from local florists that you tend to work with. Not only would this help your photography business gain recognition, but it will also help the Florists’ business, and hopefully, they will pin your photos on their boards in return. Pinterest presents the ideal forum for this type of give and take relationship.

Lastly, Pinterest is also an excellent way to stay up to date in your industry. People are always coming up with new ideas, and what better way to remain in the loop in your field than by seeing what new ideas others come up with? It is extremely beneficial to follow those in your same field on Pinterest, and this way, you can stay ahead of your competition.

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