Enlightened Marketing, LLC

We are a customized digital marketing agency providing targeted traffic, engagement, leads, and sales. We are highly specialized to Facebook Marketing and PPC (Pay Per Click) but also integrate other important digital marketing methods.

CEO Jeremy Howie pictured to the left of Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg at Facebook HQ in 2018

We have built a team of the world’s experts in SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Google PPC, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Video Marketing, Conversion Optimization, Web Design/Development, and Business Growth. All these methods are integrated in our Facebook Ads and retargeting.

We are firm believers in attraction marketing, establishing a customer/client LTV (Lifetime Value), and adjusting our marketing campaigns after careful analysis of our ad data and results.

Everything we do is based on an exceptional, customized marketing strategy that focuses on the long term growth and success of a business.

Our proven E-Commerce marketing strategies have changed the lives of thousands of online stores and retail brands across the world.


We work with businesses that do good for the world and help the world to be a more open, connected, collaborative, and loving place.


Jeremy Howie is a digital marketing expert and CEO of Enlightened Marketing, LLC. In 2010 he experienced a massive shift in his life, and left his landscaping business of 15 years to move into the realm of internet marketing and pursue his dreams. During this time he began to passionately study online marketing and at first mastered search engine and video marketing. As his experience and knowledge of marketing increased, he realized the limitless potential of Facebook marketing and began teaching it to local business owners. On several occasions he has called Facebook “The most powerful marketing platform in the world.”

He experienced many challenges on the climb to success including exhausting his life savings and retirement to build and grow his business into profit. He also lost his brother to suicide, as well as his father, and experienced a painful divorce all during this time. His intense commitment to personal/spiritual growth, meditation, exercise, and healthy eating/living have helped him endure and continue reach new levels of success.

Jeremy Howie


Jeremy is considered by many influential people to be one of the top Facebook ads experts and digital marketing thought leaders in the world today. He is a sought after speaker, is featured in several prestigious online publications, and has created success in over 50 industries with his cutting edge, customized Facebook marketing methods. He has reached hundreds of millions of people with his ads and changed countless lives.

Jeremy & Freedom


He currently resides in his native northern Colorado with his son Freedom, who he loves more than anything in the world. He is also a musician who excels in vocals and acoustic guitar.

Being selected as a Facebook SMB Council Member is one of his highest and proudest achievements in life. He continues to master his craft and is passionate about cutting edge developments such as the integration of Facebook marketing, live video, and virtual reality.

His long term vision is to use his unique ability to transform the planet back to peace and love an improve the lives of billions of people.

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