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Use Business Testimonials to Improve Your Credibility

When building your business online, it is essential that you find a way to create some kind of connection with your audience. Like I am sure you have heard before, it is imperative to instill a sense of trust amongst potential customers, since people typically only do business with companies they feel they can rely on.

For those of you who are not as familiar, testimonials can be either written or recorded statements from current or past clients that support your businesses’ credibility. Customer testimonials speak to your company’s level of expertise and emphasize the positive, exceptional products or services your business can provide. Not only do testimonials help attract a greater interest from prospective clients, but they will ultimately make your business more successful, and the Internet is the perfect forum to do so.

Word of Mouth

Think back to the last time you purchased something online… How did you decide which product to go with? If you’re like me, you probably referred to customer reviews and testimonials. And why is it that we do such a thing? Because we trust other consumers like ourselves. We trust this kind of organic word of mouth because they are not coming from the company itself. Customer reviews and testimonials are genuine, candid beliefs about a company, product, or service that people typically feel they can rely on.

So whether it is a simple quote or blurb from a past customer, or a short video testimonial from your most loyal customer, testimonials and reviews are the best way to instill trust amongst your audience. In today’s day and age, simply claiming to be the best, most reliable, most successful company in your field is not enough. People need to hear it from other customers such as themselves in order to truly believe in what they are being sold.

Social Media

And where should you place these testimonials once you have them? Social media sites are ideal places to promote such reviews. Below are some opportune places to put testimonials:

You should make full use of every one of your social media channels to spread customer testimonials, especially YouTube if it is a video. Remember, in today’s world, the success of businesses heavily depends on positive word of mouth!

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