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The Benefits of Email Marketing and List Building for Your Business

While many of you may be active in the world of online marketing, there is another aspect that you should be utilizing to increase business and your presence online: list building and email marketing. Throughout this blog post, we will cover why email marketing can be your number one asset to building a community around your company.

Like we have discussed many times before, it is imperative to build trust and establish a relationship with your audience, as people typically only purchase from businesses they feel they can trust. Email marketing is a great way to build your client base and establish a sense of community around your brand and business


Email lists can build your business for several reasons. First, when people opt-in and give you their email, it is a huge sign of trust. These days, people are on their email 24/7, and giving you their personal email address shows that they are interested in what you have to say

Additionally, email marketing will increase the chances that people see your content. Think about it, how often do you visit a company’s website? Daily? Weekly? Probably not as often as you check your email. Email marketing is an excellent way to notify your audience with company updates, news, or even discounts and deals you may be offering. It is much easier to ignore something a company posts on Facebook or Twitter for example, than a new item in your email inbox.

Email Inbox

Furthermore, email marketing is a direct form of communication. Rather than sharing something on a social media site or to your company website, email marketing takes a direct, more personalized approach to reaching your audience, which appeals to many people.

Ultimately, email marketing is a cheap, fast way to reach your audience while building traffic to your website and increase your client base.

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