Facebook Marketing and PPC (Pay Per Click) – The Most Powerful Form of Marketing That Exists?

Facebook Marketing and PPC (Pay Per Click) is arguably one of the most powerful forms of marketing that exist today.  It is highly probable almost all of your current and potential clients or customers are regular users of Facebook.

Consider these facts about Facebook:

  • There were more than 8 trillion messages sent in 2013
  • There are approximately 350 million photos uploaded every day
  • There are over 1.2 billion monthly users in the world
  • Over 95% of all people in the United States use Facebook



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Setting up a Facebook Business Page

The first thing to do when it comes to marketing on Facebook is to create a business page.  Never use your personal profile to market your business.  Not only will you turn off your friend and family if you do this, Facebook discourages this also.

Types of Facebook Fan Pages

As you can see there are several types of pages to choose from.  Select the one that makes the most sense for you, your products and services, and your potential clients.

After creating your page make sure you go through the settings and customize them.  You will want to make sure your page has profanity filters set and make sure it is only being shown in places you do business.

Facebook Business Page Photo Selection and Sizing 

When selecting photos for your page cover photo and profile photo it is important to include your logo and also pictures of you, your family, and/or your team and customers.  We recommend you change your cover photo occasionally, creating customized covers for holidays or other occasions, but keep you profile photo consistent.

The following is some photo sizing parameters to follow:

Facebook Fan Page Photo Sizes

Posting Content |  What to Post and When to Post It

The most important thing to consider when posting content on your Facebook page is to use Attraction Marketing.  This means providing your target market value on the front end and selling your products and services on the back end.  We all buy from businesses we know, like, and trust….become that business to your potential clients.

You posts should include a mix of humor, entertainment, emotion, and industry relevant information.  Answer the questions you clients most often ask, and always provide more value than you think you should.  A great way to know if you are posting the right thing is to ask yourself, “Would I find this content valuable, funny, entertaining, or would it evoke emotion in me?”

Other things to consider when posting content on your Facebook Business Page:

  • Post when your fans are online ( you can find this and other useful information in your page insights)
  • Do not be afraid to delete spam or negative comments, you have worked hard to build your business and your brand
  • Like and reply to all guest comments, people want to be acknowledged
  • Keep your posts short and use a lot of images and photos
  • Never SPAM
  • Use the Law of Reciprocity to your advantage.  Go out and like other pages, leave comments, like posts, and share posts.

Tip:  Leverage your time by scheduling your posts ahead of time.  No business owner has time to post on Facebook all day, everyday.

Click Here for a video on how to schedule posts

Facebook Fans Insights

Most of Your Fans Do Not See Your Posts Unless…

Just like Google, YouTube, and other Social Media platforms, Facebook has an algorithm to decide who will see your posts.  Their system of ranking, or algorithm, is called Edgerank.

Did you know only 10 – 16% of the people who have liked you page will ever see any given post?

Most people assume that all of their fans will see all of their posts, which is simply not true.

The most important factor in Facebook/Edgerank deciding how many people will see your posts is how much engagement you get (likes, comments, shares).  You get engagement by posting consistent, quality content.

The easiest and ever increasingly most important way to affect Edgerank is to pay Facebook.  Now that Facebook is publicly traded, paid advertising is how Facebook must bring in revenue, and that’s exactly what they are requiring.

Facebook PPC (Pay Per Click)

The reason Facebook is such a powerful form of paid advertising is that they own so much information about your clients (and you).  They know what books you like, where you shop, what posts you comment on, what pages you like, and even track where you go by means of your mobile phone.  Although this can be a scary thing to realize, you can use it to your advantage to put your information, videos, products and services in your prospects newsfeeds.

Before you begin creating ads you will have to set up your ads manager and connect a funding source which can be a Paypal account or credit card.  If you hire someone to do your advertising you can make them a manager of your page in your page settings.

We categorize Facebook ads into 3 types:

  1. Like Ads
  2. Engagement Ads
  3. Sales Ads

With Like Ads you can build your page with targeted potential buyers.  Never, ever buy likes from outside sources, where automated programs are used that can get your account banned.  Plus likes purchase outside of Facebook will later find you spending money targeting people/accounts who have no intent on buying what you have to offer.

Facebook Likes

Engagement Ads, as the name implies, are adds to get you posts in from of more fans and increase engagement.  One of the easiest ways to do this is to Boost Posts.

Boost a post right now, go ahead, try it… do a $5 Boost a post people have liked on your page, you will be happy with the results.

Boost A Post With Facebook Engagement Ads

A boost is good for targeting fans and friends of fans, but you can also go into your ads manager and create Post Page Engagement ads and get very specific in your targeting.

Sales Ads should be done after you build a significant following and boosted engagement on you page.  We don’t recommend doing sales ads until you have at least 500 likes.

When you run a sales ad your post is an advertisement with a money link in the post.  This means there is a URL to a capture page, buy page, or website.

Cutting Edge Marketing

One of the reasons Facebook marketing is so powerful is the ability to use Facebook’s conversion tracking pixels.  This topic alone would take another 10 posts to cover, but these pixels track and collect data of the people who click on the URLs you send them too.

A pixel is a piece of code placed on a website or capture page that gives you the ability to follow people that land on your website around with Facebook ads.

If you have ever visited a website looking for a product and then mysteriously seen the product in an ad on your Facebook page, you were targeted with a conversion pixel.  These pixels are so smart that they can go out and find people most similar to people who have already purchased your products and services, and get you sales on autopilot.

Facebook will now also create custom audiences based on email lists you import or by type of people who hit your pixels.  These audiences are hundreds or thousands of times bigger than your original list.


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Moving Forward…

Although we don’t think Facebook will keep it’s majority slice of the social media pie forever, it will remain a player in the online advertising arena for a long time to come.  This is due to the massive amount of data they own about you and I, and the ability to sell that data to other platforms if they choose.

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