Social Media Management

Social Media is a very important part of any effective online or internet marketing strategy.  Social media sites are changing the world by changing how we interact and function as a society.

When we speak of Social Media sites for business use, we almost always suggest 5 as important for your business.  Please note that YouTube is excluded from these 5 as we consider it an entity of it’s own.

Listed below in typical order of importance are:

  1. Facebook – If you set up, optimize only one social media site it should be Facebook in almost all cases.  There are over 1 billion monthly users on Facebook and 95 % of people in the US use Facebook.  It is one of the most powerful marketing methods that exist.
  2. Google+ – This is Google’s Social Media site and it is their answer to Facebook.  Google+ posts can show up in search results and it is a rapidly growing site that you should be part of.  Google will do whatever it takes to make G+ successful over time.  Google+ is also tied in with YouTube and Google Local/Maps.
  3. LinkedIn – If your clients or customers tend to be professional people you definitely want to be on LinkedIn.  In many cases your best customers will come from this social media platform for professionals.  You also can find top employee prospects as recent graduates are the fastest growing demographic here.
  4. Pinterest – If your target audience is women or those influenced by women, Pinterest may be your place, as approx. 80% of Pinterest users are female.  Pinterest is a social media site based on images or Pins, and images are a very powerful form of marketing in themselves.
  5. Twitter – Even though Twitter is #5 on our list, it can be an important part of an overall social media strategy.  Tweets on Twitter are short updates of information to your followers, which in some industries are crucial to succeeding.

When posting content and updates on these and other social media sites it is important to post the right things.  The overwhelming majority of your posts should provide value to, entertain, or humor your target market.  Post the types of things that make you Laugh Out Loud or make you go “hmmmm…..”.

Social Media Marketing and connecting with your customers on these sites is one of the core competencies of Enlightened Marketing, LLC.  Social Media Director Rachel Kassirer heads up this division and not only brings real world experience, but a college degree in marketing to the table.

If you would like more information on how to use Social Media to build your brand and grow your business online, watch the video above or give us a call.  You can also enter your name and best email and we will get back with you.