Other Services

At Enlightened Marketing, LLC we provide a variety of online services in addition to the ones already listed.

These services include but are not limited to:

  • Reputation Management – A bad rating or review can tarnish the business you’ve worked so hard to build forever.  We notify you within 24 hours of anytime your business or personal name are mentioned anywhere online.
  • Ratings/Review Campaigns –  Social proof is one of the most powerful marketing methods know to mankind.  Most people when searching online for a product or service look to see what others think of your business.  We can assist you to collecting reviews from past, present, and future satisfied customers.
  • Website Design/Development – Whether you require a brand new website or an update or improvement to an existing website we can assist you.  We can also review your current site and make suggestions to what would increase your SEO rankings and customer conversions.
  • List Building/Email Marketing – If you are marketing online it is crucial to be building a list.  Basically you want to use opt in forms to collect names and email addresses by offering value.  Keeping in touch with potential and past buyers is crucial to maximizing your advertising dollars and succeeding in on or offline business.
  • Consulting/Coaching – We offer business, personal, and marketing consulting and training to your and/or your team.  If you would like to do this yourself or you have a team in place that could use some additional expertise this option is definitely for you.