Services Enlightened Marketing Offers

At Enlightened Marketing, LLC we customize our marketing services to fit you, your budget, your business, and your life.

To effectively reach your potential customers online, it is necessary to have an overall strategy in which all aspects integrate and compliment each other.

We typically offer our services in two main phases, a foundational set up phase and an ongoing maintenance phase.  Anything that of quality that will stand the test of time requires his strong foundation and ongoing care.

Depending on your preference we can teach you how to market, do it all for you, or a combination of both.  Again, it comes back to you, your intentions, and your desired results from those intentions.

We are very selective with who we work with and never work with two companies in the same niche within a given area.  In fact, as soon as one of our clients pass the setup phase and we agree to work together on an ongoing basis, they become what we call ‘Client Partners’.  Every single one of our Client Partners has at least one piece of online real estate on the top of the first page of Google for their major keywords.

As far as pricing for our services, we do not include that on our website as we have no idea of what your sales and profit goals are yet.  If you are looking for the “cheapest” deal in town it’s likely we are not a mutual fit.   If you base your purchases and business decisions on value, before price, there is a good chance we can collaborate.

We are headquartered in Fort Collins, Colorado and offer our services to local and national businesses alike.  We work with startups, traditional small businesses, and large businesses alike.  We also offer consulting and coaching for businesses and corporations with a digital marketing team in place.

No matter what internet marketing company you decide to partner with, make sure to check their references and their results.

Click any of the services below for more information or call us today to see if your niche is available in your area.

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