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SEO For Lawyers

SEO for Lawyers - Enlightened Marketing, LLC

Is SEO for lawyers any different than doing SEO for anyone else on the internet?

The answer is “not really”.

Doing SEO for Plumbers or chiropractors is exactly the same as doing SEO for attorneys. Here at Enlightened Marketing, however, we are considered by some to be the #1 attorney marketing experts in the country and one thing we’ve noticed from client after client is that organic traffic is consistently one of their top sources of new clients, themselves.

Our clients, on average, get 55.5% of their total traffic from Organic Search results. That can mean anywhere from 25 to over 450 new visitors to your site every day.

Would and extra 450 people to your site per day benefit your practice, perhaps?

I’ll tell you something, if you have the right website design, you can turn even a measly 10 new visitors a day into a nice new client generation system. And here at Enlightened Marketing, we’re constantly testing, tweaking and finding the optimal site designs to get the most out of our client’s traffic.

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